Literature on medical device and instrumentation design, manufacturing, and commercialization.

Brochure: Rapid and Quick Turn Prototyping

Get details on MW Life Sciences’ prototyping capabilities including technology, lead time, and credit card billing.

Design Brief: Cold Formed Medical Devices

Where Component Design Functionality and Cost Reduction Converge: Cold Formed Medical Devices vs. Traditional Manufacturing Techniques

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Case Study: How One OEM Saved $1.9 Million By Consolidating Suppliers

See how one OEM saved $1.9 million in project costs by consolidating suppliers.

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White Paper: Fatigue Life Estimates Using Goodman Diagrams

Calculate predicted life of helical compression springs with Goodman Diagrams. This white paper discusses fatigue characteristics, presents spring-specific Modified Goodman Diagrams, and provides a comparison to the results of traditional graphical methods.

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White Paper: 10 Key Areas to Consider When Evaluating Suppliers

See the top areas that should be included in your vendor evaluation before you entrust your valuable project to a third party.

White Paper: Precision Metal Components Improve Connected Medical Device Performance

Working on an IoMT device? The right precision metal components can improve connected medical device performance. Learn more.

3 Ways to Mitigate Risk When Working with Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical manufacturing comes with inherent risks, but you can minimize them. Download this guide to learn how.

Executive Summary: 3 Ways to Mitigate Risk When Working with Medical Device Manufacturers

Learn the key areas that should be included in your vendor evaluation before you entrust your valuable project to a third party.

4 Key Benefits of Designing for Manufacturability

Complexity increases cost and time. DFM simplifies complexity. This white paper includes the top DFM principles that will help improve your outcomes.

Executive Summary: 4 Key Benefits of Designing for Manufacturability

Want to learn about DFM quickly? Download this executive summary for the most important information you need to know.

5 Design Best Practices to Lower Production Costs of Implantable Orthopaedics

Every time you add a zero on a tolerance, it magnifies costs. Here’s what you need to know about implantable orthopaedic design.

Executive Summary: 10 Key Areas to Consider When Evaluating Suppliers

Need to find the right supplier? This summary gives you key elements to consider, fast.

Custom Orthopaedic Components and Instruments

Time and cost effective medical manufacturing. Use this data sheet for a quick overview of MW Life Sciences’ custom orthopaedic capabilities.

Machining Metals for Medical Devices: Limitations and Design Considerations

Metal machining processes and limitations could affect the time and cost it takes to create your design. Here’s what you need to know.

Machining Plastics: Your Guide to the Processes and Tips for Partner Selection

Designing a plastic component? This guide includes crucial information on how your part may be manufactured and how that could impact your design.

Reduce Risk and Medical Manufacturing Cost with MW Life Sciences

We can help you reduce cost, minimize risk, and accelerate time to market. Download the guide to learn how.

Why Partner with MW Life Sciences?

We have the expertise you need to get to market faster, with a higher quality, more cost effective product. Learn how we partner with you.

Glossary: Spring Terminology

Spring terminology resource

Get details on spring terminology to help with medical spring design, including drug delivery spring design and more.

Spring Terminology Glossary

Bioresorbable Micro Moldings

Get details on MW Life Science’s bioresorbable micro molding capabilities including our micro molding and micro stamping techniques.

Comparing Medical Manufacturing Technology: Fourslide vs. Wire Form and Progressive Die

Manufacturing technology can have a significant impact on speed, scrap, and cost. This comparison explains the difference between fourslide, power press, and wire form technology, including which may be right for your project.

Pharma Drug Delivery System Insert Screw

Need a new component with better outcomes? See how MW designed a net shape micro screw producing no scrap and helped eliminate costly inspection by the customer.

Designing Auto Injectors for Multiple Drug Viscosities

Springs used for device activation and needle retraction play a key role in creating a flexible design. See how springs could impact your project and when you need to bring spring suppliers into your project.

Custom Medical Device and Healthcare Consumables, Components and Parts

Download the brochure to get key medical device and healthcare consumables component specifications, including dimensions, applications, and notable features.


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