Literature on medical device and instrumentation design, manufacturing, and commercialization.

Brochure: Rapid and Quick Turn Prototyping

Get details on MW Life Sciences’ prototyping capabilities including technology, lead time, and credit card billing.

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Design Brief: Cold Formed Medical Devices

Where Component Design Functionality and Cost Reduction Converge: Cold Formed Medical Devices vs. Traditional Manufacturing Techniques

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Case Study: How One OEM Saved $1.9 Million By Consolidating Suppliers

How One OEM Saved $1.9 Million in Project Costs by Consolidating Suppliers

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White Paper: Fatigue Life Estimates Using Goodman Diagrams

Calculate predicted life of helical compression springs with Goodman Diagrams. This white paper discusses fatigue characteristics, presents spring-specific Modified Goodman Diagrams, and provides a comparison to the results of traditional graphical methods.

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White Paper: 10 Key Areas to Consider When Evaluating Suppliers

Key areas that should be included in your vendor evaluation before you entrust your valuable project to a third party.

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White Paper: Precision Metal Components Improve Connected Medical Device Performance

Precision metal components improve connected medical device performance

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Glossary: Spring Terminology

Spring terminology resource

Get details on spring terminology to help with medical spring design, including drug delivery spring design and more.

Spring Terminology Glossary


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